Our Story

Missing Pieces all started with our very own 3D Puzzle Master - Adam.  From a young age, he had an amazing spatial awareness that allowed him to see the world differently. His spatial ability allowed him to seek out and find missing puzzle pieces with amazing speed and accuracy. Adam's grandma and grandpa brought home the first 3D puzzle.  They thought it would be educational, and fun for their grandchildren.  Adam was hooked; he loves putting together 3D puzzles. Since then he is always on the  hunt for the next puzzle for his collection  -  312 and counting!  Luckily his family helps by keeping an eye out and finding the unique pieces for his collection. During his quest to find more 3D puzzles, numerous used and new puzzles were located that he already had in his collection. So an idea was hatched to share Adam's passion for 3D puzzles with others - an online store that sold used and older sealed puzzles.   With the help of his family: David (twin brother and technical support), Gwen (sister in law and photographer/ designer), Robin (sister and social media marketing grue), Hal (dad, and website set up), Linda (mom and jack of all trades) and of course Adam ( locating puzzles, purchasing, quality control - putting the puzzles together, and shipping) - Missing Pieces was built - one piece at a time! 

You don't need to have Adam's spatial ability to enjoy building 3D puzzles. Adam's grandma and grandpa were right, they are a great educational tool. They help with your cognitive ability, spatial ability, hand-eye coordination and you can learn about places, things, and events. But the most important thing is that they are fun! Something you can do alone, with your best buddy or in a group.  No electronic devices required! 

Please browse through our catalog - find an amazing puzzle and order it today! 

Wishing you hours of happy building - The Ward Family