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Alexandra Victorian House

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Build your very own Alexandra Victorian House with 220 pieces.

This Puzzle is used and in good condition

It was assembled and returned to the original box.

Boxes have some shelf wear and some may be in bad condition, most have clear tape or other tape used on them to reseal them so pieces are not lost. This is how I have received them so I have not tried to remove this tape, as it could damage the picture. I have however resealed the ends to keep the pieces in the box, after building it, for storage prior to this sale.

I take the time to put all my puzzles together to check for missing pieces. They are complete unless I’ve stated. I don’t take them apart but place them back into their original box in sections; you may want to ask someone to take it apart for you.

There could have been a price sticker on the puzzle box, and somewhere along the line someone removed it, tearing some of the box. Pictures of puzzles within these listings are from my file. My home is smoke FREE however the original owner may not have been